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Talent First Tuesdays: Opportunity Youth

In the final installment of Talent First Tuesdays, Institute for Emerging Issues Director Sarah Hall and ncIMPACT Initiative Research Director Jess Dorrance are joined by NC Department of Commerce Economist Jonathan Guarine, Men and Women United for Youth and Families Executive Director Randolph Keaton, and NENC Career Pathways Workforce Connector Brandi Bragg to discuss barriers faced when connecting opportunity youth – those who are between the ages of 16 and 24, and not employed or in school – to the workforce. 

Talent First Tuesdays is a special five-part series of The Connector Podcast highlighting breakout sessions from the 2023 Emerging Issues Forum, Talent First Economics. The goal of Talent First Tuesdays is to continue important conversations around putting the needs of talent first, and helping underrepresented workers find employment and stay engaged in the workplace. 

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