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Talent First Tuesdays: Transitioning Military and their Families

A special series of The Connector Podcast

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In the second installment of Talent First Tuesdays, Institute for Emerging Issues Director Sarah Hall and Industry Expansion Solutions Director of Defense Industry Initiatives Michael Mullins are joined by Josh Levy with the NC Department of Commerce, Erin Ananian-Gentile with the NC Military Business Center and Tyler Klemas with Duke Energy Corporation to discuss barriers faced by military veterans and their families when entering the workforce. 

Talent First Tuesdays is a special five part series of The Connector Podcast featuring each breakout session panel from the 2023 Emerging Issues Forum, Talent First Economics. The goal of Talent First Tuesdays is to continue important conversations around putting the needs of talent first, and helping underrepresented workers find employment and stay engaged in the workplace. 

Registration for Talent First Tuesdays is free and required. Click on each session below to learn more and register.

Tuesday, May 16, at 9 a.m.: Families with Young Children

Tuesday, May 16, at 10 a.m.: Disability/Neurodiversity

Tuesday, May 23, at 9 a.m.: Opportunity Youth

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Episode Information
Talent First Tuesdays: Transitioning Military and their Families
Guests: Josh Levy, NC Department of Commerce; Erin Ananian-Gentile, NC Military Business Center; Tyler Klemas, Duke Energy Corporation
Hosts: Sarah Hall, Institute for Emerging Issues; Michael Mullins, NC State University Industry Expansion Solutions

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