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2025-2027 Emerging Issues Forum Series

North Carolina’s population is projected to continue growing, with 14 million people expected to call the Old North State “home” by 2050. While this growth could be uneven across the state, all counties will have infrastructure needs that must be addressed. 

The economic opportunities from this growth will be significant, but so will be the strain on the state’s existing infrastructure—the physical and organizational structures that support our quality of life such as roads, the electrical grid, housing and more. 

To fully leverage these opportunities, we must ensure the state’s infrastructure is driven by advances in technology, can meet changing needs, and is able to withstand external threats (e.g., natural, economic and healthcare disasters, cyber-attacks), while preserving the natural assets that make North Carolina a great place to live, work and play. 

The 2025-2027 Emerging Issues Forum series will engage stakeholders from across the state to examine key infrastructure needs, identify best policies and practices to meet them and take advantage of the economic development opportunities the new infrastructure generates.

More information about the 2025-2027 Emerging Issues Forum series, including future topics, will be available in summer 2024.

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