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Connecting the 2022-2024 Emerging Issues Forums

Image announcing episode 24 of The Connector Podcast featuring IEI Director Sarah Hall and IEI National Advisory Board Member Jack Cecil as guests.

In the latest episode of The Connector, Institute for Emerging Issues Communications Intern Adam Sichel speaks with IEI Director Sarah Hall and National Advisory Board Member Jack Cecil about how IEI’s Emerging Issues Forums from 2022 to 2024 all tie together as a thematic three-part series on supporting North Carolinians’ economic development. 

Cecil and Hall discuss the goals behind developing this series of forums, as well as how pivotal partnerships with groups such as myFutureNC, alongside the unforeseen impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic ultimately shaped these forums. 

“By working together and participating in Emerging Issues Forums, we can raise awareness to help alleviate these burdens and empower families to overcome challenges and provide opportunities for all.”

– myFutureNC President and CEO Cecilia Holden

Listen to the podcast:


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