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Photo of a conference room with people sitting at several tables and three screens in the background each showing the text "2024 Emerging Issues Forum" and a stock photo of a couple looking at a house.

Weathering Financial Storms

A Resilient Future for North Carolina Families

About the 2024 Forum

Too many of us are unprepared for an economic downturn or even a modest financial emergency. According to a 2022 survey by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, 37 percent of American households reported they would be unable to cover more than a month’s expenses if they lost their main source of income.

The 2024 Emerging Issues Forum on Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2024, examined financial resilience: the ability to financially withstand and recover from economic challenges. Speakers and participants offered best practices and actions that can be taken by households, policy makers, financial institutions, employers and others.

The 2024 Emerging Issues Forum is part of IEI’s larger Project Resilience initiative, supported by Local Government Federal Credit Union.

Apply Today: Financial Resilience Community Cohort

To continue this important work, IEI is seeking applications for the institute’s new Financial Resilience Community Cohort. Community-based organizations from around the state that work to increase household financial resilience, especially for communities with historically increased barriers to saving and debt management, are encouraged to apply to participate in this cohort. Learn more and apply by March 29.

“IEI believes that local communities—with their traditions, willingness to work, and history of coming together in tough times to solve big challenges—are the unit of change to spark action. The members of this cohort will be the experts that can lead change and inspire others to raise household resilience levels across North Carolina.”

– IEI Director of Community Initiatives Samantha Graham

Thank You to Our 2024 Forum Sponsors

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