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A virtual series connecting community members each summer

Summer Camp 2023: Ripple Effect Mapping

Ripple Effect Mapping (REM) is an easy-to-use evaluation process that captures the impacts – or “ripples” – of a program. The REM process allows groups to assess system-level changes that are a result of their programming, identify intended and unintended consequences, as well as areas of unmet need. It also fosters greater connectivity across stakeholder groups and allows for validation of results.

REM combines the models of appreciative inquiry and participatory engagement to build a more inclusive understanding of the impacts of a program. Past participants report how empowering it was to feel “seen” through this methodology, and the pride they felt in seeing their work mapped out.

This free workshop was led by NC State Extension and outlined both the philosophy of ripple effect mapping as well as steps used to put this into practice.


NC State Extension

NC State Extension Ripple Effect Mapping Team

  • Becky L. Bowen, J.D.
    Program Manager, Cultivate NC
    Community and Rural Development
  • Kenny Sherin
    County Extension Director, Randolph County, NC
    Broadband Access and Education Coordinator
    NC Cooperative Extension
  • Susan Jakes
    Associate State Program Leader
    Community and Rural Development
    NC State Extension

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Kylie Foley

Digital Inclusion Initiative Specialist