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First in Future: Director of Growth and Communications RIoT Sarah Glova

Summary: In 1982, a revolution began very very quietly, when somebody figured out how to connect a drink machine to the then-fledgling Internet. The drink machine was able to signal – one machine to another – that it was almost out of bottles, so that somebody could restock it. The name for this machine to machine communication was coined – “the Internet of things.” There’s no question that “the Internet of things” is making our lives more convenient – we can track our packages better, keep up with inventory in our factories more effectively. We can read messages or keep up with our exercise through our watches. And there are new applications everyday, in eldercare, transportation, manufacturing, agriculture, even home appliances.
This week’s First in Future guest is Sarah Glova, who grew up in Greenville, got her undergraduate degree at UNCW, then her masters and PhD at NC State. She now serves as Director of Growth and Communications for a Raleigh-based nonprofit called RIoT “Raleigh Internet of Things”. Her job there is to try to keep up with an industry that is dealing with crazy amounts of growth, with almost daily breakthroughs in sensors, data analysis or networks, while wrestling with serious questions about privacy, as they try to determine how companies should handle all the data they are capturing.

Listen to the podcast: