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Dec 29, 2020

First in Future: Tom Campbell of NC Spin

Starting in 1998 and with over 1,000 shows, North Carolina's longest running show came to close at the end of 2020. This episode of First in Future we feature the host of NC Spin, Tom Campbell. Tom brought together opinionated people from across our state to take a tough look at whatever is going on in the news in a given week. We get to hear how it all started and why. 

Dec 31, 2019

First in Future: Founder of the Conetoe Family Life Center Rev. Richard Joyner

Summary: We revisit an inspiring conversation we had with Rev. Richard Joyner, to start our new year of First in Future. Growing up in Pitt County, Rev. Richard Joyner hated… 

Dec 11, 2018

First in Future: Chief Content Officer with UNC-TV and Public Media North Carolina Travis Mitchell

Summary:  How do you keep people’s attention in a discarded world? There is the “addiction” model of telling people what they want to know, watch or listen, and then offer… 

Jul 17, 2018

First in Future: Executive Director of the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation Mo Green

Summary: This week’s First in Future guest was a New York born, Georgia raised and Duke educated law clerk, and former school superintendent who’s now the head of North Carolina’s largest… 

May 8, 2018

First in Future: Jessica Hong, DECA President at Apex Friendship High School

Summary: This week, we talk to Jessica Hong, a junior at Apex Friendship High School and president of her school’s DECA club, an organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs… 

Apr 24, 2018

First in Future: Carolina Demography Founding Director Rebecca Tippett

Summary:  Sometimes we try to avoid looking forward, almost like if we ignore the pending changes, they won’t happen. The state’s population is growing and more and more of our… 

Apr 17, 2018

First in Future: North Carolina State Senators Jay Chaudhuri and Danny Britt

Summary:  A recent survey showed that only a third of millennials consider public service an appropriate career track. A group of young NC legislators want to change that. That’s why… 

Mar 27, 2018

First in Future: NC Spin Host Tom Campbell

Summary:  North Carolinians are good people, strong people, people who want to do the right thing, even if it involves debate. Tom Campbell, the host of the nation’s longest running TV… 

Mar 20, 2018

First in Future: Rural Economic Development Center Board Chair Grant Godwin (Season 2 Premier)

Summary: First in Future begins it’s second season today. Want to know how rural North Carolina’s doing these days? Well, here’s a statistic to think about: Last year, half the… 

Jan 16, 2018

First in Future: UNC-TV Director of Children’s Media and Educational Service Joy Potts

Summary: Over the 31 years of the Emerging Issue Forum, we have had CEOs, governors, and presidents as speakers. The first time ever, we have booked a red, furry monster –…