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A three-year initiative to reconnect NC civically, socially and economically.

In 2017, the Institute for Emerging Issues (IEI) used its first-ever “crowdsourcing” effort to identify the biggest issues facing North Carolina. After reaching out to thousands of North Carolinians asking, “what’s the biggest issue facing our state over the next five years?,” there was one common theme: People in North Carolina were feeling more disconnected than ever and they wanted to do something about it.  

With the help – and voices – of citizens throughout North Carolina, IEI launched a three-year initiative focused on reengaging the state called ReCONNECT NC. Throughout the three years, IEI hosted six forums based on the specific needs that North Carolina residents and organizations identified.

ReCONNECT NC: The Time is Now

Findings from IEI’s three-year ReCONNECT NC Project.

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Community Cohorts

As part of the ReCONNECT NC series, IEI chose five communities to highlight at each forum. These were community groups working at the local, regional, or county levels to solve the problems and explore the issues that were the focus of each forum.

This map shows the counties that the ReCONNECT NC community cohorts represented.

ReCONNECT to Community Cohort

ReCONNECT Rural & Urban Cohort

ReCONNECT to Economic Opportunity Cohort

ReCONNECT to Technological Opportunity Cohort

ReCONNECT to Move Forward: Mental Health & Well-Being Cohort