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Forum History

IEI keeps North Carolina’s attention on working toward a vibrant future. Each year, IEI focuses on an emerging issue that requires the entire state’s attention. IEI brings thousands of people together to discover the opportunities in these issues, identify innovative solutions and support leaders and communities seeking to implement those solutions.

For nearly four decades, IEI has maintained a strong tradition of bringing the best and the brightest leaders to gather together to discuss the emerging issues that drive our state forward.

Emerging Issues Forum Topics
2023: Talent First Economics: Engaging our Skilled Workforce for a Competitive North Carolina
2022: Advancing Together: Enhancing NC’s Workforce Through Educational Attainment
2021: ReCONNECT for the Future
Fall 2020: ReCONNECT to Move Forward: A three-part virtual meeting series
Feb. 2020: ReCONNECT to Technological Opportunity
Oct. 2019: ReCONNECT to Economic Opportunity
Feb. 2019: ReCONNECT Rural & Urban
2018: ReCONNECT to Community
2017: kidonomics: The Economics of Early Childhood Investment
2016: FutureWork
2015: Innovation Reconstructed
2014: Teachers and the Great Economic Debate
2013: @Manufacturing Works
2012: Investing in Generation Z
2011: An Idea Exchange for Healthcare
2010: Creativity, iNC
2009: Changing Landscapes: Building the Good Growth State?
2008: North Carolina’s Energy Futures: Realizing a State of Opportunity
2007: Transforming Higher Education: A Competitive Advantage for North Carolina
2006: Financing the Future
2005: My Health Is Your Business: Making Healthcare Work in North Carolina
2004: Creative Responses for Global Economic Change
2003: Jump Starting Innovation: Government, Universities & Entrepreneurs
2002: Biotechnology and Humanity at the Crossroads of a New Era
2001: First in America: Charting the Course for Excellent Schools
2000: Shaping our Common Future
1999: Global Economic Storms
1998: People and Planet: A Fragile Partnership
1997: Economic Forces: Shaping the Next Half-Century
1996: The Knowledge Explosion: What is the Payoff for Americans?
1995: Conflict, Competition and Cooperation: Power Politics in a Changing World
1994: Investing in Health: An American Agenda
1993: Strengthening America: New Economic Strategies
1992: Priorities for America’s Future
1991: Changes in Europe: Challenges for America
1990: Global Changes in the Environment: Our Common Future
1989: Education for a Competitive Economy
1988: Taking Control of the Future
1987: Winning in the Global Economy
1986: The Challenge of Innovation and Competition