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Advancing Together

An adult interviews a high schooler at a table in a library

Aug 8, 2023

Wilson Education Partnership builds relationships between students and community

Over the past year, Wilson Education Partnership has focused on one impactful program called “Communicating with Confidence,” which aims to support students and teachers through the development of soft skills and community relationships.  

A group of high school students stand at the front of a classroom in front of a crowd, being celebrated.

Jul 18, 2023

Boys & Girls Club of Henderson County provides pathway to higher education

Over the past year, the Boys & Girls Club of Henderson County has returned to pre-pandemic levels of engagement, serving more than 1,000 young people in western North Carolina. The Club helps students as young as elementary school envision a future that includes higher education.  

Two representatives from Isothermal Community College stand in front of a promotional tent for the college

Jul 6, 2023

Isothermal Community College strives for student success

Isothermal Community College is not only committed to improving its students' lives through learning—it strives to improve its own processes by learning about the needs of the community. 

An elementary school student reads a book alongside a high school student.

Jun 20, 2023

Communities Supporting Schools expands its reach in Wayne County

Communities Supporting Schools of Wayne County has spent the past year expanding its current efforts to serve students and taking critical steps to ensure its long-term sustainability. Through the collaborative efforts of its staff, volunteers and community partners, CSS has deepened its impact for students in Wayne County. 

A family of four stands together. The teenage son is holding a certificate for completing a college prep program.

Jun 5, 2023

College prep programs at Wake Forest University empower students for college and community

Over the past year, Wake Forest University’s Pre-College Programs have seen continued success preparing students for higher education and civic engagement. Since their return to in-person, on-campus operations last summer, the programs have seen a rise in applications and student engagement.  

Four adult students in a culinary arts class watch the instructor at the head of the class.

May 10, 2022

Community Spotlight: Isothermal Community College improves lives in Rutherford and Polk counties

Isothermal Community College (ICC) doesn’t stop at providing nearly free higher education for students in western North Carolina. Its mission is to improve lives through learning. 

An older woman reads a book with a young child

May 2, 2022

Community Spotlight: Communities Supporting Schools of Wayne County connects the dots for student success

Communities Supporting Schools of Wayne County understands that to increase postsecondary educational attainment, you have to start working with students as early as elementary school. 

One student sits at a computer as an instructor points to the screen. Two other students look on.

Apr 22, 2022

Community Spotlight: Wilson Education Partnership builds bridges between students, teachers, and community

Wilson Education Partnership looks for programs and initiatives that will most benefit the students, teachers, and business community in Wilson, NC.  

four young adults throwing graduation caps in the air

Apr 6, 2022

Community Spotlight: Boys and Girls Club of Henderson County focuses on “fun with a purpose”

Boys and Girls Club of Henderson County (BGCHC) believes school-age is a critical time to influence young people on their path to success. 

Students stand in front of a campus building

Mar 4, 2022

Community Spotlight: Wake Forest University prepares middle and high schoolers for college, career, and beyond

Wake Forest University, one of the five participants in IEI's educational attainment community cohort, offers a range of programs designed to help prepare middle and high school students for college or a career by exposing them to many possibilities for their futures.