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Checking in with Wilson Education Partnership

Outline of a skyline with the following text above: The Connector. NC State University Institute for Emerging Issues. Featuring Robin Williams, Executive Director, Wilson Education Partnership. To the right of the text is circular photo of Robin. To the right of Robin's photo is a yellow circle with "Episode 15" written within the circle.

In episode 15 of The Connector, host James Herrick and Institute for Emerging Issues Assistant Director Pat Cronin are joined by Wilson Education Partnership Executive Director Robin Williams for the third installment of our “Checking In” series with members of IEI’s Educational Attainment Community Cohort

Williams talks with Herrick and Cronin about how Wilson Education Partnership is building relationships between business leaders and local public high schools to prepare students to enter the workforce. As a one person shop, Williams also discusses why she decided to join IEI’s community cohort and how peer learning helped her to improve WEP’s programming in Wilson County.

Listen to the podcast:


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