Supporting a Diverse, Inclusive and Respectful North Carolina

First in Future: North Carolina State University Chancellor Randy Woodson

Summary:  Tomorrow, about 34,000 students, 2,300 faculty and 6,700 staff will run into each other at North Carolina State University, the start of another year...

First in Future: Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina Chair Frank Emory

The Director’s Log: July 2017

First in Future: North Carolina Community College System President James “Jimmie” Williamson

First in Future: William C. Friday Fellowship for Human Relations CEO Abdul Sm Rasheed

First in Future: NCSU Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture and Co-Director for Coastal Dynamics Design Lab Andrew Fox

First in Future: Immigrant. Entrepreneur. Citizen. Redress Raleigh Co-founder Mor Aframian

First in Future: North Carolina Community Foundation President & CEO Jennifer Tolle Whiteside

Summary:  Why is it that anybody gives something to someone else? Today’s guest, Jennifer Tolle Whiteside, has asked herself that question more than maybe anyone...

Charlotte’s Favorite Rural Convening

We deemed the event “Charlotte’s favorite rural convening.” Of course, I don’t know if that’s true, but when close to one hundred rural faith and...