Meet Cyrus Rad, Our Caldwell Fellows Volunteer

Major: Electrical Engineering/Physics
Minor: French
Classification: Junior
Hometown: Durham, NC 
Caldwell Fellows Class of 2021
and part of the NCSU Men’s Soccer Team




The Caldwell Fellows Program is developing the next generation of self-aware, globally-minded students that engage in creative, conscientious leadership, and IEI wants to help. Cyrus is a member of the 2021 Class of Caldwell fellows and will be working with IEI this summer on its Civic Conversations project.

What interests you about working with IEI and the Civic Conversations Project?

I want an experience that will contribute to my personal growth while providing an opportunity to serve. IEI’s outstanding network of resources throughout the state will give me a good breadth of practice and allow me to contribute to many levels of my community. The Civic Conversations Project in particular appeals to me because I agree with its mission. We need to train ourselves to talk across differences so that we can develop respect and empathy for one another. I’m excited to contribute to this throughout the summer and beyond.

What do you believe people will get from being involved in Civic Conversations with people from different backgrounds and views?
I believe Civic Conversations are primarily a learning experience for everyone involved. To hold an open, inclusive, and intentional conversation without any underlying agenda is becoming increasingly rare in polarizing times. By sharing and listening to new perspectives, I think people can develop empathy and understanding across differences. Civic Conversations can go a long way towards finding common ground so that we can resolve conflict and strengthen bonds within our local, regional, and national communities.

We are so excited to have Cyrus join us this summer as we look to engage with and encourage public officials, organizations and North Carolina residents from many different backgrounds and perspectives to participate in or host a civic conversation in their community.