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First in Future: NC League of Municipalities’ “Municipal Equations” Host Ben Brown

Summary:  When solving big problems, local folks are the canaries in the coalmine – they are likely to notice a problem before anyone else, and more likely to be able to get to work on it quickly. This week’s podcast is evidence of that. I’m talking with Ben Brown, host of the podcast for NC League of Municipalities. Every couple of weeks on his podcast he identifies a big issue that is facing cities and towns across North Carolina, and goes in-depth. If you work for a city government, if you care about city government, or even if you hate your city government, I’d urge you to try the podcast. It’s called Municipal Equation. This week, we talk about the top five issues that cities should be worried about, the latest on smart cities, the value of broadband, autonomous vehicles, revenue flexibility, and modern storytelling. We also talk about some cool things folks are trying in Benson, Raleigh and Wilson; and if you don’t know what Fuquay-Varina’s catchphrase is, we’ve got you covered.

Excerpts: “Individual municipalities have their own personalities, they have their own visions, their own futures – but . . . there are certain things that they have in common where they [can] band together.”

Book recommendations:  The Cuckoo’s Egg by Clifford Stoll

What key issues should we be working on within the next couple of years to make North Carolina a better place?  Managing the growth of our state.

What do we need to focus on to be ready for the next 20 years?  Transportation

Next great North Carolinian to watch?  Lisa Stites, Assistant Manager/Town Clerk, Town of Oak Island, NC

Listen to the podcast: