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Institute for Emerging Issues

Meet Brodie, IEI’s New Undergraduate Policy Intern

A photo of Brodie Smith with a quote that reads "I am excited to be in a space that allows me to research the why and how of these [emerging] issues, and then look at ways in which we can provide solutions"

NC State University undergraduate student Brodie Smith is joining IEI as a policy intern for the 2022-23 academic year to work on the 2023 Emerging Issues Forum program. His position is funded from IEI’s U.S. EDA grant.

Major(s): B.A. Political Science with a concentration in Law and Justice; B.A. Science, Technology, and Society
Graduation year: 2024
Hometown: Ramseur, NC
Extracurriculars: The Caldwell Fellows, Alumni Association Student Ambassador Program (AASAP), Co-Director to NC State’s SATELLITE Camp, Alpha Tau Omega
Hobbies: When I am not in class, I like to spend my free time outdoors reading, visiting the JC Raulston Arboretum, and trying new coffee shops around Raleigh. If you have any recommendations, send them my way!

What interests you about working with IEI as a policy intern? 
IEI’s mission is to bring North Carolinians together to collaborate and solve emerging issues in our state in order to make our communities more vibrant and prosperous. Being a native to rural North Carolina, I have seen some of these issues first-hand, and I am excited to be in a space that allows me to research the why and how of these issues, and then look at ways in which we can provide solutions. IEI does a great deal of work surrounding issues that I am passionate about like digital equity, accessible education, and now, workforce development, and my role as a policy intern will enable me to do work that will hopefully benefit North Carolinians across the state.

What do you believe is the biggest emerging issue facing our state? 
I believe the biggest emerging issue facing North Carolina is food insecurity. With everything going on in the world around us, the cost of food is only going to go up, and in North Carolina, over 1.3 million people face hunger, a statistic that will worsen as prices increase. The accessibility to affordable and nutritious food is a dire need for North Carolinians, and it is a vital component to an individual’s overall health; if a person faces hunger, their health will diminish regardless of what healthcare systems we have in place.