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Do you want to win an Emerging Issues Forum ticket? Share your “aha!” moment on the Commons by clicking here. Tell us: “What is the most memorable connection to an idea, person, or resource you’ve made at an Emerging Issues Forum?”

Manufacturing Toolkit

Much has happened since the 2013 Emerging Issues Forum, @Manufacturing Works. Click here to learn what communities are doing to take advantage of the opportunities of advanced manufacturing and what you can do to take part.

Emerging Issues Commons

The Commons is a physical space and online hub that bring North Carolinians together on our state’s most pressing issues in the areas of education, health, economy and environments. Click here to learn more about the data, stories, and ideas, and how to add your own. 

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Today’s complex challenges call for citizens who can identify shared interests and work together to achieve common goals. Join us to find others shaping the future of our state.

The Emerging Issues Commons is North Carolina’s space to “Think-and-Do.” People come together in the Commons to solve pressing challenges by inspiring and engaging others through ideas, data, and stories of others successfully grappling with change. Join us in this space, and turn your ideas into action.

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Emerging Issues Forum

Teachers and the Great Economic Debate

How do we train, retain and support world-class teachers in every classroom to secure North Carolina's future competitiveness? Join us for this important conversation.


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We believe that when people work together with a shared will and common vision, progress is smarter, more comprehensive, and enduring. That’s why you won’t see us working alone. We support collaboration with people from all sectors and areas of the state to arrive at solutions that are best for North Carolina’s varied interests. We work across four areas necessary for a strong and vibrant North Carolina: economy, education, the natural and built environments, and health.