Text, Talk, Future


In today’s world, young people often need additional education or job training in order to have successful, productive lives following high school. Right now, only 58 percent of North Carolinians go on to pursue additional education or job training following high school. We want to help change that.

Text, Talk, Future is an initiative of the Institute for Emerging Issues at North Carolina State University. Using this text-based platform, small groups of students receive discussion questions to start the conversation about what’s next after high school. Questions invite young people to share their interests and to identify their academic strengths. Texted questions also provide a chance for students to begin to think about what kind of career, education or job training they might want to seek following high school.

This program is based on Text, Talk, Act, a successful initiative with participation from thousands of young people in all 50 states. Here is what a few of them have to say about the experience:

  • Participating “made me feel closer to my peers.”
  • This is a “unique new way of using social media to inspire minds and conversations.“
  • The discussion was “open, honest, and had real meaning.”
  • Participating in Text, Talk, Act “makes me feel like I’m not alone.”





Interested in implementing Text Talk Future in your school? Reach out to Paul Nolan ( prnolan@ncsu.edu )to learn more.