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Every day, your support helps IEI and its partners to make a difference for North Carolina’s economic prosperity. It is because of your generous support that we’re able to impact so many North Carolina communities with our programs.

We are grateful for your interest in and support for our statewide public policy work. More than 70% of our funding is privately donated each year, and without your interest in our work and your deep commitment to North Carolina, we could not provide these programs, projects and initiatives. We ask you to please consider a gift of support for this shared mission of statewide growth and prosperity for generations to come.

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This month on our new podcast, First in Future, we launched a competition to design a superhero for the 21st century – one that would capture the mixture of adaptability, curiosity and innovation we believe our citizens will need to be successful. We call this superhero, “The Versatillion.” (There’s still time for you to participate if you leap on over to our webpage for contest entry and prize information.)

But there’s an even more important way for you to be “super.”

For IEI and its partners to continue making an impact in North Carolina, we need continued support from you – our super donors. More than 70 percent of IEI’s annual funding is comprised of private donations. Without your interest in our work and your deep commitment to North Carolina, we could not provide these programs, projects and initiatives. We need your brain, your ideas and your financial support. We ask you to consider a gift to help us find ways to create success for all children. With your support, we will be able to bring more leaders together around our state’s most pressing issues; collaborate with more businesses, schools, local governments, and faith communities across North Carolina; and help prepare more kids today for a successful tomorrow.

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. You can make your contribution today at the Solon of State, Super Squad or Superhero level. Thank you for being one of our state’s superheroes, and for your continued support in building a better North Carolina.

Solon of State

You have the power, sure, but you’re more likely to use your brain than your brawn. You’re equipped with the wisdom and skill to enact change and the patience to see it through. You are the Yoda, the mentor, the North Carolina statesman. You will receive “Super Donor” recognition on IEI’s website.

Donate $250 and up.


You run the world…Or at least, you save it. You know their names: Wonder Woman. Batman. Captain America. Superman. Black Panther. Now, you can join their ranks! You’re leading the charge to avenge North Carolina, and your commitment is positively heroic.

Donate $100 – $249.

Support Squad

You’re crucial to completing our mission!
You’re the scientist, the toymaker, the newspaper editor, the Alfred – you’re the foundation of the operation, and without your wisdom, advice, support and gadgetry, we’d get nowhere!

Donate $0 – $99.

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