ReCONNECT to Technological Opportunity: Scholarships


ReCONNECT to Technological Opportunity

Our Scholarship Opportunities

Deadline to apply: January 3, 2020 11:55 p.m. EST


We recognize that for some, cost is a barrier to attending the Emerging Issues Forum. We also know that every voice is important. It is critical that all voices work together to bridge divides and address community challenges and opportunities. Therefore, IEI will work to provide scholarships (free tickets) to attend the forum for those who would otherwise be unable to attend.

Note: We do not currently have funding for scholarships. However, we will allow individuals who would otherwise not be able to attend the forum apply for a scholarship should funding become available.

Priority will be given to applicants with a financial need. IEI will notify applicants of their status on January 8, 2020.

Scholarships will be given to those who are unable to afford the price of registration. However, recipients are responsible for any additional costs, including their travel.

In exchange for free forum registration, following the event all scholarship recipients will be asked to participate in a brief regarding your experience. Your participation in this survey helps us identify in writing actions that you plan to take as a result of attending the forum. Your feedback also helps in the development of future scholarship opportunities for those unable to afford the cost of registration.

Again the deadline to apply: January 3, 2020 11:55 p.m. EST