CIVIC Asheville

IEI is exploring what reconnecting to community looks like for North Carolina for our Fall 2018 Forum in Asheville on November 27, 2018. Reconnection is vital to our state’s overall prosperity. It’s vital to the success and well-being of our communities, families and businesses. IEI loves seeing some of Asheville’s own civically engaged projects, organizations, neighbors, and citizens creatively bring people together to make everyone feel welcome and important.

Here are three ways Asheville is empowering engaged citizens, check them out when you join us for our Reconnect to Community Emerging Issues Forum on November 27, 2018.



“History. Art. Poetry. Music. Community green spaces. Vivid voices. Grassroots initiatives. The past, present, and future of African-Americans in Asheville is a story of resilience. Learn about this powerful story on Hood Tours. Explore Asheville’s historically African- American neighborhoods with artist, poet and visionary DeWayne Barton. Hood Tours is an intimate, interactive experience that is guaranteed to leave you looking at this mountain town with new eyes.” – Hood Huggers International

Walking and Driving tours range from $20 to $30 a person and can be reserved Thursday through Saturday.


Hood Tour Photo Courtesy of The United Way of Asheville & Buncombe County



“You have heard it takes a village to raise a child.  We believe that everyone needs a village. Each of us needs a supportive network of people in our lives, ways to use our gifts, and meaningful ways to engage the world and make a difference.  Here we create a community of mutuality that is lifting up our neighborhood and building new economies based in love and justice.” – BeLoved Asheville

Through tiny homes, artist studios for those living in poverty, public policy advocacy for those experiencing homelessness, and sharing fresh food, BeLoved Asheville places value on creative hospitality and community through their values of “Mutuality, respect, dignity, and personal relationships”. Help support their unique mission by dropping off much-needed donations for their community.

Photo Courtesy of BeLoved Asheville



“We envision the Asheville area as a region where the arts inspire our innovative spirit, celebrate our rich cultural diversity, recognize our valuable history, and encourage our individual and community involvement.” – Asheville Arts Council

The Asheville Art Council knows how important the art scene is to Asheville, and promotes exhibits (like the current one helping preschoolers understand community engagement!) and hosts grant programs for kids, veterans, entrepreneurs, and other Asheville citizens to work with each other across different art mediums and silos. You can visit their gallery Monday through Fridays near downtown Asheville.