First in Future Podcast: IEI Economic Policy Manager Donnie Charleston

Summary: At IEI, we’re committed to North Carolina’s future, dedicating our time, talent and energy to identify and address the state’s most pressing issues. We start to determine the issues we work on by listening, by giving the problem a name; then, we frame the issue through research and collaboration. If we do our work right, good things happen, and the state and its people make some progress. This week, we sit down with Donnie Charleston, IEI Economic Policy Manager, to talk about finding common ground, talent development and why a generation of Batmans would benefit us all.

Excerpt: “I think the most important issue we face as a state is a lack of urgency. We don’t have a sense of urgency about solving our most pressing problems.”

Book recommendation: The New Geography of Jobs, Enrico Moretti

North Carolinian to Watch: An NC State grad and serial social entrepreneur, who, at just 24, is changing the way job seekers can connect to employment opportunities.

Listen to the podcast: