First in Future Podcast: Bishop Hope Morgan Ward, UMC

Summary: In every nook of every zip code of our state exists some part of our faith community. In all, as of last year, there were 8,961 religious institutions in North Carolina, and we’ve seen the incredible volunteer power that the faith community has in moving projects forward. This week, we talk with Bishop Hope Morgan Ward, Resident Bishop of The United Methodist Church, NC Conference, about the Congregations for Children commitment and how the faith community can play an appropriate role in making sure we are inventing our own future.

Excerpt: “Each of these partnerships (between schools and the faith community) has its own character, its own flavor. It’s really a beautiful thing to see. It’s a creation of the community together.”

Book recommendation: The Fire of Freedom: Abraham Galloway and the Slaves’ Civil War, David S. Cecelski

Where in NC to spend her last day: A hint: The view of the ocean cannot be beat.

Listen to the podcast: