First in Future Podcast: PNC Regional President Jim Hansen

Summary: Investing in early childhood education is a longterm proposition, and it takes conviction to be able to wait. This week, we check in with Jim Hansen, Regional President of PNC Bank, which is a making a 12-year, $350 million investment in early childhood. Also: observations on batting averages, Blowing Rock and “playing offense” with our state’s future.

Excerpt: “Some people ask, ‘Why a bank and early childhood?’ In the same way that we give someone a 30-year mortgage with the confidence that their future earnings can put them in a home today, and they’ll repay us over time – I have the same confidence when I help a 3- or 4-year-old get ready for kindergarten, and they’re not going to get into the workforce for another 20 to 25 years. I do think that, in a number of ways, our longterm, patient way that we run our business…is applicable in many ways to thinking about how we’re building our future workforce.”

Book recommendation: The Legends Club, John Feinstein; Secrets of Success: North Carolina Values-Based Leadership, H. Hugh Shelton

Where in NC to spend his last day: A hint: It’s in the mountains, and if he had his choice, he’d control the weather there too.

Listen to the podcast: