First in Future: Biltmore Farms, LLC President Jack Cecil (Pt. 1)

Summary: The Asheville of today is a many-splendored thing. It’s appeared on numerous “Best of” lists and received countless titles – like “One of the Best Places to Reinvent Your Life,” “The Happiest City in America for Women,” “The Hippie Capital of the South,” “The Best City for Locavores,” “The Most Romantic Place in U.S.A. and Canada,” and, of course, “Beer City U.S.A.” – and combined with its natural physical beauty, it offers many enticing features for newcomers. This week’s guest remembers Asheville before all those awards, when it was really struggling to recover from the Great Depression. As a direct descendent of George Washington Vanderbilt, the man behind the Biltmore House, Jack Cecil* and his family have been in Asheville for generations. As we talk with Jack about how Asheville recovered, changed and grew into itself, we hope you’ll listen for some of the ways he’s learned what it takes to develop communities in the future in a way that lasts. Tune in to part one, and check back on Friday for part two!

*Full disclosure: Cecil is also Chair of the Institute for Emerging Issues National Advisory Board.

Excerpt: “There’s not one dominant economic player in this town, so it’s not like Atlanta 20 years ago, or like Charlotte. In my time in Asheville – the last 30/35 years – there’s been a diffused base. What you just explained about the entrepreneurial capacity of this town – we have to work together.”

Check back on Friday for the second part!

Listen to part one of the podcast:

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