First in Future Podcast: Rep. Craig Horn & Sen. Jeff Jackson

Summary: Two leaders of the General Assembly’s early childhood caucus–Sen. Jeff Jackson and Rep. Craig Horn–talk about why they care about the issue of early childhood education, preparing for automation, Winston Churchill, and why grandchildren might just be the state’s perfect talent recruitment tool.

Excerpt: Jackson: “For folks on the left (early childhood education) has the promise of breaking the generational cycle of poverty, which is something people on the left consistently rank as a high priority. For folks on the right who are fiscal conservatives this has enormous return on investment – really greater return on investment than any other government expenditure.”

Horn: “Early childhood education is what directly leads to a child’s ability to read by third grade…the data is incredibly clear about life outcomes if you have the  ability to ready by third grade.”

Book recommendation: Horn: Disrupting Class, Clayton Christensen; JacksonCold Mountain, Charles Frazier

North Carolinians who will rock the state in 20 years: A hint: one is a House education staffer; the other a former NC teacher of the year.

Quotes to live by:  Horn: “We shall win; not through the evil in our enemies, but through the  merit in ourselves. Deserve victory and let that be the touchstone for every thought word and deed.” Winston Churchill

Jackson: “Optimism is a force multiplier.” Colin Powell

Listen to the podcast: