First in Future Contest: The Versatillion!

We’re so excited to announce the winner of our very first First in Future contest! In Episode 8 of our podcast, First in Future, guest John Hardin introduced us to the concept of the superhero of the future: “Someone who has multiple powers and has the ability to know when to deploy those powers in certain circumstances…Someone who has balance and has understanding and compassion and the information with which to make good decisions.” We’re totally on board with the idea of this Versatillion, so dubbed by IEI Director Leslie Boney, but we needed you to design what this superhero looked like!

Announcing the Winner of Our Versatillion Contest!


“There is nothing more versatile than a stick figure.

I believe it encapsulates every North Carolinian who would like to contribute their civic ideas and have a seat at the table for discussion.

It represents adaptability, understanding, collectivity, and a commonality that we all share in striving for a more compassionate and knowledgeable society. A stick figure has gender neutrality as well; a stick figure can be whomever you want – even you.

Nobody needs X-ray vision or the power of flight to make a change. Nor a fancy logo or drawing to make them feel like they’re appreciated or “enough”.

Everyone can draw a stick figure. 

Everyone can collaborate in their local communities with IEI. “

Katelyn Schubel
Student, UNC Asheville