LESSON PLAN: Preparing Students for Jobs of the Future

Students contemplating potential careers and career paths would do well to understand how technological change is fundamentally reshaping—and even eliminating—occupations across the economy.

While youth are overwhelmingly optimistic about the future, most (86%) believe that technology is creating jobs as opposed to destroying them. However, very few young people have a good grasp of the forces shaping the economy and how their jobs might change. This exercise is designed to provide students with a better understanding of concepts like automation, and help them to gain insight into how the world of work might change in the future. We believe that with better information, youth can make more informed decisions about their educational choices and their career paths.

This lesson plan is aimed at teachers and anyone who works with young people. It’s a step-by-step outline of a 70-minute interactive conversation. We offer to you our insights gained from engaging diverse groups of young people, from 13 years old to community college-aged students, from across the state of North Carolina.



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