(10) Bridgeport

Learning from Bridgeport

These documents describe the process used by community leaders in Bridgeport, CT to identify their goals, collect and analyze data, map their community assets and arrive at priorities for system/program improvements.

  • Bridgeport Prospers: Community Action Network Report
    • Summary of asset mapping and the “Birth – Age 3” and “PK-3rd “ working groups’ recommendations
  • Bridgeport Prospers: Technical Reports Report
    • Compilation of “technical reports” with a specific focus on their efforts related to developmental screening and tracking child outcomes over time, community asset mapping, maternal depression and home visiting and early care and education.
  • Bridgeport Prospers: 2017 Mid-Year Convening Research Summary Report
    • Here is another report done a year later that takes lots of information across the cradle to career framework (STRIVE Collective Impact) and creates a series of 2-page briefs on key issues and challenges across the childhood development spectrum. Billed as “research summaries,” these short documents include national data and research, what works, Bridgeport data, and how the Bridgeport effort is responding concretely.
  • Request for a Resilience Screening
    • This request form includes useful thoughts about how to move beyond “Show-and-Go” screenings.
  • Child Learning Centers Fairfield County, Janice Gruendel (July 23, 2018)
    •  This presentation includes useful links to Medicaid innovation
  • Bridgeport Prospers Infographic Infographic
    • A visual representation of what’s in the Bridgeport baby bundle
  • Broken Places Onesheet, Public Policy Productions
    • A one-page synopsis of the “Broken Places” documentary that covers early childhood adversity