Rural People, Rural Policy


Rural People, Rural Policy

IEI is one of four organizations now receiving grant funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to complete the final three years of a groundbreaking initiative to bring new voices to rural policy making at the local, state, tribal and national levels.

The Rural People, Rural Policy initiative brings together as many as 500 highly connected and remarkably diverse rural organizations, linked together as a “network of networks.” Individually and collectively, they share a common goal of promoting policy changes that improve the well being of rural children, families and their communities.

Through a specially designed Internet communication and social networking platform, organizations will be able to engage in shared learning and mobilize for policy changes to benefit rural children and families.

The project is being managed by a partnership of four organizations: IEI, the Center for Rural Strategies (KY and TN), Network Impact (MI and MA), and MDC, Inc (NC). Working with its partners, IEI will provide research and technical assistance related to the policy making process, identification of emerging policy opportunities, stakeholder identification and recruitment, and design of action plans.

Click here for a list of organizations involved in the Rural Assembly and Rural Policy Networks.

Effective responses to boost long-term competitiveness will likely require targeted and sustained investments of public and private resources over time. Our current systems of public finance at the state and local levels are outdated and ill-suited to meeting these needs. A system that allocates adequate resources to high priority areas–despite the inevitable ups and downs of the economic cycle–is crucial.