North Carolina Science Summit




Empowering Communities and Individuals
April 10

Thank you to all who attended and watched the 2014 NC Science Summit. To see presentations from the event, click here.

The North Carolina Science Summit  is a statewide event, but the conversation – and resulting actions – go far beyond the participants in the room.  Visit the Emerging Issues Commons to add your ideas on how North Carolina can harness the power of science and technology for our state’s economic benefit. 


Watch a slideshow from this year’s Science Summit.



The 2014 Science Summit, part of the North Carolina Science Festival,  provided a platform for science and technology leaders to focus the attention of business and policy makers on the importance of strengthening science and technology across the state. Summit participants worked across sectors to generate ideas that offer innovative solutions and concrete action to meet North Carolina’s future science and technology needs. Cross-sector alliances and post-summit community events with help to move these smart strategies to action faster than ever before!

As we emerge from the Great Recession, it is important to understand the challenges that face our state in ensuring our STEM ecosystem is thriving. Given the importance of STEM industries to our states’ economic vitality, we must continue to find ways to spur innovation, strengthen our existing businesses, shore up our STEM education pipeline, and recruit the next wave of STEM companies to our great state. According to the 2013 North Carolina Innovation Index, our state’s success depends upon increasing the share of the state’s economy that is dedicated to high-technology, high-growth, high-income industries like STEM.

Last year, the first Science Summit brought together STEM leaders from across the state and featured the Secretary of Commerce, and the Lt. Governor. This year’s Summit will also gather thoughtful and influential leaders.


the 2014 Summit was a statewide event that features a live stream of the proceedings to select regional sites across the state:

  • Foothills Region (Conover)
  • Charlotte Region (Charlotte)
  • Eastern Region (Williamston)
  • Research Triangle Region (Raleigh)
  • Western Region (Asheville)

The theme for this year’s Science Summit was empowerment. Empowered communities are able to drive change when they recognize everyone’s needs, understand their environment and the market forces that affect their community’s trajectory. This year, the summit focused on empowering North Carolina’s communities to collective action aimed at strengthening the science and technology sectors.

 North Carolina’s Cooperative Extension is an important partner for the 2014 Science Summit.
Extension agents from across the state will be providing facilitation services for the regional events being held in conjunction with the Science Summit.



The Pathways Partnership currently consists of 26 organizations working on different aspects of the science and technology pipeline. In May 2012, this group of committed leaders convened a first meeting of the minds with a clear goal—using a cross-sector science and technology voice, create an annual opportunity to collectively capture the public’s attention and influence policy and decision making at the state and local levels.

NC Science Festival Signature Event