MOOC-Ed World Class Teaching

World-class teaching

In order for our state to have world-class teachers in every classroom, the conversation must extend beyond the Forum. IEI’s MOOC-Ed: World Class Teaching enabled us to continue this essential dialogue.

In an effort to facilitate continued community engagement, the Institute for Emerging Issues partnered with the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation and designated a virtual space for a six-week “boot camp” that was made available to anyone desiring to participate – regardless of background or profession. Individuals who were unable to attend the Forum were equally welcomed to participate!

This MOOC-ED was designed to help participants:

  • Understand the economic importance of world-class teachers
  • Understand how issues like compensation, teaching standards, professional development and the status of the teaching profession impact our ability to develop, retain and support world-class teachers across North Carolina
  • Learn and share strategies and best practices—from North Carolina and beyond—to develop and support world-class teachers
  • Develop action priorities for participants’ local schools or communities
  • Build capacity for ground-level community action by sharing action priorities with others in participants’ communities
  • Network and interface with educators, business leaders and community leaders from across the state
  • Contribute to the learning of other course participants


 Profile of MOOC-ED participants:

  • 345 participants
  • 68 Teacher Ambassadors
  • 78% of participants live in 76 North Carolina counties
  • Individuals from 13 states and 18 countries, coming from a variety of sectors and perspectives


Engagement with the MOOC-ED:

  • 670 hours spent in discussion forums
  • 8100 page views
  • 1500 views of postings


After the MOOC-ED:

  • Community Action Plan Grant Competition
  • 32 teams participated
  • Three teams were awarded grants: the team from Greene County won $10,000; the team from Catawba County won $4,500; and the team from Lee County won $3,000.
  • Read more about the winning teams!


Interested in learning more? Access MOOC Resources here.


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