Financing the Future

Financing the Future 

North Carolina’s economy and population have changed dramatically over the last century, yet our financial systems have remained relatively stagnant. As a result, we have a tax structure that is unfair, that collapses when the economy turns sour, and that isn’t able to provide us with the roads and classrooms that we need.

North Carolina must create a tax system that is competitive, stable, adequate and fair if we are to prosper in the 21st Century economy.

Financing the Future is IEI’s multi-year program of work that seeks to address the problems underlying our tax system by bringing diverse stakeholders together in order to develop a comprehensive solution for North Carolina.

Working through our Business Committee on Financing the Future (BCFTF), IEI’s work focuses on educating stakeholders about this issue. Modernizing our financial system will be critical if we are to sustain a changing economy this year and in the years to come. The BCFTF met most recently in March 2011, and continues to work on this issue.

Download the Business Committee’s Statement of Principles on tax modernization.

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