2015 Emerging Issues Forum Agenda



Monday, February 9, 2015

8:00 AM – 8:20 AM

Opening Session

         Randy Woodson
         Chancellor, NC State University

         Jack Cecil
         President, Biltmore Farms LLC; Chair, Institute for Emerging Issues National Advisory Board

         Anita Brown-Graham
         Director, Institute for Emerging Issues

8:20 AM – 8:30 AM

RTP Innovators’ Spotlight

         Hosted by Allin Foulkrod
         President, Creative Visions

                  Chris Heivly
                  Managing Director, The Startup Factory, Durham

8:30 AM – 9:20 AM

The Urgency of the Moment

         Introduction by Jennifer Weber
 Executive Vice President, External Affairs & Strategic Policy, Duke Energy

                  Don Tapscott
Author, The Digital Economy – 20th Anniversary Edition; Co-author, Macrowikinomics and Wikinomics

RTP Innovators’ Spotlight
Matt Williamson
CEO, Windsor Circle, Durham

9:20 AM – 10:20 AM

Innovation in NC: Then, Now, and Next

         Moderated by Christopher Chung
CEO, Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina 

                  Jim Goodnight
                  CEO & Co-founder, SAS

                  Robert Ingram
                  General Partner, Hatteras Venture Partners 

                  Steve O’Donnell
                  Executive Vice President of Racing Operations & Chief Racing Development Officer, NASCAR

                  Sepi Saidi
                  President & CEO, SEPI Engineering

RTP Innovators’ Spotlight
Jennifer McCall
Co-founder & CEO, SeaTox Research, Inc., Wilmington

10:20 AM – 10:25 AM

Our Innovation in NC, Over Time

         Innovation Data Storyboard – powered by SAS analytics and the minds of IEI and the North                        Carolina Board of Science, Technology & Innovation

10:25 AM – 10:45 AM



10:45 AM – 12:00 PM

The Policies that Support or Hinder Innovation

         Introduction by Hon. Janet Cowell
         Treasurer, State of North Carolina

                  Competing in the Innovation Economy
                  Robert D. Atkinson
                  President, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

                  Protecting the Right to Innovate
                  John A. Allison
                  President & CEO, Cato Institute; Retired Chairman & CEO, BB&T Corporation

RTP Innovators’ Spotlight
Adam Hill
Executive Director, Packard Place, Charlotte

12:00 PM – 1:45 PM

Civic Connections Driving the Heart of Innovation (Lunch Session, Day One)

         Introduction by Jean Davis
         President & CEO, MCNC

                  Ilir Zherka
                  Executive Director, National Conference on Citizenship

                  Victor Hwang
                  CEO, Co-founder & Managing Director, T2 Venture Creation

                  Activity by Anita Brown-Graham

RTP Innovators’ Spotlight
Robin Emmons
Founder & Executive Director, Sow Much Good, Charlotte

1:45 PM – 1:55 PM



1:55 PM – 3:20 PM

Innovation Labs

         Learn about some of North Carolina’s next big innovation opportunities and identify strategies to
         enhance the state’s innovation ecosystem.

                  The Sensor Revolution & The Internet of Things
                  The Promise of AgBiotech
                  Open Source Government & Our Civic Engagement
                  The Future of Energy in North Carolina
                  North Carolina’s Innovation Ecosystem

3:20 PM – 3:30 PM



3:30 PM – 4:55 PM

Responding to New Threats in a New World

         Moderated by Joan P.H. Myers
         Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer, Strategic Link Partners

                  Cyber Challenges in the Digital Domain

                           Kevin Mandia
Chief Operating Officer, FireEye

                           Admiral Michael S. Rogers, USN
                           Commander, U.S. Cyber Command; Director, National Security Agency; Chief, Central Security Service

                           Hon. Mike Rogers
Former Member (2000-2014), United States Congress (MI) & Former Chair,
                           House Intelligence Committee (2011-2014)

                   Reaching Resilience

                           Introduction by James B. Hunt, Jr.
                           Governor, North Carolina (1977-1985, 1993-2001)

                                    David Woods
                                    Lead, Initiative on Complexity in Natural, Social & Engineered Systems,
Ohio State University

4:55 PM – 5:00 PM

Closing for Day One

         Jack Cecil

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Innovators’ Social


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

8:00 AM – 8:15 AM

Your Strategies for Reconstructing Innovation

         Anita Brown-Graham

         John Hardin
Executive Director, Office of Science, Technology & Innovation, NC Department of Commerce

8:15 AM – 8:45 AM

Building a Workforce for Tomorrow’s Innovative Companies

         Introduction by Stelfanie Williams
President, Vance-Granville Community College

                  Jeffrey M. Lacker
President, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

8:45 AM – 8:50 AM

RTP Innovators’ Spotlight

         Hosted by Allin Foulkrod

                  Melvin Hines
          President & Founder, Upswing Retention, Raleigh

8:50 AM – 9:35 AM

New Delivery Models for Higher Education

         Co-moderated by Lew Ebert
 President & CEO, NC Chamber

         Co-moderated by Joan Siefert Rose
         President, Council for Entrepreneurial Development

                  Randy K. Avent
President, Florida Polytechnic University
                  Jessica Mitsch
Campus Director, the Iron Yard|Smashing Boxes

RTP Innovators’ Spotlight
Garrett D. Hinshaw
Founder, Innovation Fund North Carolina; President, Catawba Valley Community College, Hickory

9:35 AM – 10:25 AM

Financing our Market and Community Innovations

         Moderated by William Burckart
         Co-founder, Impact Economy (North America) LLC

                  Scott Case
                  Chief Executive Officer, Main Street Genome

                  Jenny Kassan
                  CEO, Cutting Edge Capital

                  Daniel A. Nissenbaum
                  Managing Director, Urban Investment Group, Goldman Sachs Bank USA

RTP Innovators’ Spotlight
Meg Ragland
Co-founder, Plum Print, Asheville         

10:25 AM – 10:40 AM



10:40 AM – 11:25 AM

The Spaces We Need

         Moderated by Chancellor Randy Woodson

                  Miquel Barceló
President, Innopro Consulting; Executive President (2004-2007), 22@Barcelona Innovation District

                  Bob Geolas
President & CEO, Research Triangle Park

                  Adam Klein
                  Chief Strategist, American Underground

                 Representative of the Winner of IEI’s “Spaces for Innovation” Challenge
Winner to be determined by online public vote Jan. 19-30, 2015

11:25 AM – 12:05 PM

The Innovators’ Response

         Moderated by Deborah Hooper
         Chief Operating Officer, Greensboro Partnership

                  David Gardner
                  Serial Entrepreneur, Writer, Advisor, Early Stage Investor

                  H. Christian Hölljes
Serial Entrepreneur, Award-Winning Designer, Professor of Innovation & Design at NCSU

                  Maureen O’Connor
President, Mosaic Health Solutions; Executive Vice President of Diversified Businesses,                                 BCBSNC


12:05 PM – 12:10 PM

NC’s Innovation Reconstruction Plan

         Forum participants prioritize next steps for enhancing North Carolina’s potential for innovation

         Anita Brown-Graham

12:10 PM – 1:15 PM

The Third Vertex (Lunch Session, Day Two)

         Hon. Pat McCrory
         Governor, State of North Carolina

1:15 PM – 1:30 PM

Awarding the Emerging Issues Prizes for Innovation

         Governor Pat McCrory

         Chancellor Randy Woodson

         Anita Brown-Graham

         McKinley Wooten
         Chairman, Board of Directors, SECU Foundation

1:30 PM – 2:25 PM

Moving Into a Future of Possibilities

         Introduction by Leah Brown

                  Ray Kurzweil
A Director of Engineering, Google; Co-founder & Chancellor, Singularity University

2:25 PM – 2:30 PM


         Jack Cecil

         Anita Brown-Graham

2:45 PM – 3:30 PM

Supplemental Session (Room 306B)

          Connecting our Communities: Innovation at Work
          Presented by the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

                    William Burckart

                    Scott Case

                    Jenny Kassan

                    Daniel A. Nissenbaum

        Reflections on Thirty Years of the Emerging Issues Forum