2015 Emerging Issues Prize for Innovation: High School


Win $5,000 to Turn Your Idea Into Reality!

Grand Prize Winner: $5,000

Apply By November 10, 2014


Today’s high school students represent the most technologically connected generation ever. But they need to up their civic engagement game. Here’s how!

The Contest:

The 2015 Emerging Issues High School Prize for Innovation challenges teams of high school students to reflect on the past in order to help improve a community’s future. Teams will investigate the historical roots of a local challenge a community has wrestled with in one or more of the following areas: its economy, education, the natural and built environments, health, or civic health. Teams will then develop an innovative solution to the challenge, and engage community members in tackling the issue.Perhaps your team wants to launch a media campaign, create a working group, start a nonprofit, perfect a new technology– or maybe you’ve got an entirely new approach or model in mind. Your team’s goal might be to:

  • Connect students to local career options.
  • Make your community more walkable or bike-friendly.
  • Raise high school graduation rates.
  • Lower your community’s childhood obesity rate.


In order to apply, teams will:

  1. Identify a local challenge the community has historically wrestled with
  2. Study the local history of the issue and prepare an overview of that history
  3. Devise a potential solution to the challenge
  4. Create a plan to engage the community with the proposed solution

Turn your great idea for improving North Carolina’s future into reality with $5,000!

For complete application materials, download the High School Prize application and enter today: 
2015 High School Application

Please email your application to: emergingissues@ncsu.edu by 11:59 p.m. on November 10, 2014.

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