Discovery Forum


discovery forum

 The third annual Discovery Forum, sponsored by BB&T, was a great night of networking and socialization with some of the Triangle’s most innovative thinkers.

Innovative ideas and unsung leaders were discovered through short, five-minute presentations. Learn more about each of our speakers and their presentations below, in the order that they presented. 

The Oak City Cohort: Institute for Social Solutions | Mike Belmares

The Oak City Cohort provides an environment to support, stimulate, educate and empower nonprofit professionals and social entrepreneurs in order to free them up to do what they want to do most – care for people, serve communities and advance social well-being.

Grow by Design | Hao Dinh

NC based, Grow by Design (GbD), is leading a movement to help K-20 students strengthen their STEM + Arts knowledge and enabling them to apply their newfound intelligence to real-world issues.

The Vs. Cancer Foundation | Chase Jones

The Vs. Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving kids’ lives by empowering athletes and communities to fund lifesaving childhood cancer efforts.

RESQD // Empowering Orphans to Redraw Life | Owen Jordan

At RESQD we ask orphans to draw something that makes them smile, then we print the drawing on things people like to buy, make a profit and give 25% back to projects that benefit the orphans’ lives and communities.

A Shared Responsibility: Families Supporting Kids Locally and Globally| Lisi Martinez Lotz

Vaccine Ambassadors is a unique partnership between parents, healthcare providers and the community to provide vaccines to children in countries where they are not readily available, while increasing vaccination rates within our local community.

Pennies 4 Progress | Ryan O’Donnell

Pennies 4 Progress partners with point of sale systems and retailers to implement an “electronic charity box” where customers choose privately and affordably to support the causes they care about.

Why Don’t We Have Flying Cars? | Seth Palmer

How can we harness the power of technology to help move us forward towards a better tomorrow, and can that be done in an open-source format which encourages interaction?

Hatch | Johnny Pratt

With the talent the triangle has and seeing the tremendous startup scene explode, a collaborative and encouraging space in downtown Wake Forest needs to be created to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and startup growth.

Healthy Girls Save the World | Claire Veazey

Healthy Girls Save the World is a national award winning, UNC-based program that promotes healthy minds, healthy bodies, and healthy relationships for girls ages 8-15 in the Triangle area.

h.u.go | Alex Vidor

h.u.go (“here you go”) helps teachers and students maximize the offerings in the App Stores by removing the two main shortcomings – anonymity of reviews & static, one dimensional ratings.

WrightInteractions | Tracy Wright

WrightInteractions is a hybrid entity that mergers the infrastructure of a traditional marketing agency with philanthropy, social change and youth leadership development.

A summary of these presentations is available here.


Leadership Symposium

Those who presented at the Discovery Forum will also be invited to a Leadership Symposium at the Emerging Issues Commons in the James B. Hunt Jr. Library on NC State’s Centennial Campus. At the Leadership Symposium, presenters receive free leadership development training from our state’s top leaders to help further their creative community idea.